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red fairy

Call-out for volunteers!

Posted by mordwen on 2008.03.02 at 15:42
Harmony Day happens in Australia on March 21 every year. It started in 1999 and is designed to encourage multi-culturalism and harmony in this amazing land of ours. It coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

Some of you know that we organised a wonderful Peace Picnic in Treasury Gardens in December 2005 following the Cronulla riots in Sydney. It's time to do that again, on an even bigger scale and make it an annual tradition.

I'm looking for volunteers to help make it happen. The date will be Saturday, March 22, in Treasury Gardens.

Behind the scenes, we need organisers, web development, poster-makers, poster-putter-uppers, media folks and networkers-extraordinaire.

For the day itself, we need musicians, story-tellers, face-painters, food-makers. As before, the idea is to get as many people from as many cultural backgrounds as possible sharing our food and our cultures, telling our stories from blanket to blanket and watching as gorgeous children laugh and play, learning that there can be unity in diversity.

Last time we did this, we did it in one week flat and got a few hundred people at the picnic plus coverage in MX, the Herald Sun and on ABC TV. This time we have three whole weeks: luxury!

Want to get involved? E-mail me on peacepicnic@world-changer.org.

Posted by drjon on 2007.09.25 at 20:12
Heads-up for Melbourne Punks:
The Birmingham Hotel, located in Fitzroy, has for over a decade hosted neo-nazi gigs by hate groups such as Blood and Honour. Hence, last year, a boycott was called against the hotel by a number of bands, groups, individual punks, and the like. Unfortunately, a number of so-called "punk" bands have scabbed on this, and continue to play at the hotel, disregarding community and solidarity against racism and fascism. The point of this post is to request that readers don't attend any gigs by these bands (here), and don't frequent the hotel itself.
(x-post, care of xsophiax)

life, the blonde

Equal Love - Nation Day of Action

Posted by lokicarbis on 2007.08.07 at 14:09
From The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby site:

Sunday 12 August 2007 is Equal Love's National Day of Action

The NDA is Melbourne's mass rally in favour of same-sex relationship recognition. Three years ago, the Federal Parliament amended the Marriage Act to deny same-sex couples access to marriage. While we have achieved much at the state level with the proposed Relationships Register, as the recent report from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission showed, there is still much inequality in a range of federal legislation.

In an election year - we must show federal candidates that we demand EQUAL LOVE!

When: 12 August 2007
Where: Assemble 11.30am in front of State Library
What: Rally to Federation Square for MidWinta Vows
Who: Bring yourself, your friends, your family, whoever!
Wear: Bright, festive and red colours!

Last year, almost 5,000 people rallied on State Parliament. This year, we can do better. So come out in your RED colours and join EQUAL LOVE on 12 August 2007.

More details at their site: www.vglrl.org.au/

wisdom, discordia, weird, call to arms

Walk Against Warming

Posted by lokicarbis on 2006.10.28 at 01:32
Protest rally calling for more government attention to Global Warming Issues, being held simultaneously in about 20 cities across the country. More details here.

I know, it's a little off-topic - but without a livable planet, the issues of love and diversity would be kinda moot, no?

Pinky Scumbag

Lebanon and Israel

Posted by punk_rock_nerd on 2006.07.22 at 18:53
I missed the big rally that happened in response to the attacks on Lebanon due to work, but did anyone else manage to get to it?

Also, since this war is in direct opposition to what we as Unity in Diversity stand for, should we get involved? Organise a rally or something like that?

I'm not thinking immediately, but as I'm sure we're all aware, these wars tend to go on for extended periods, which is horrible. Do we want to look at organising something for a month from now, or similar?

Just throwing ideas out to the crowd.

life, the blonde

Removing our White Blindfold

Posted by lokicarbis on 2006.07.20 at 22:09
Got this off the ANTaR mailing list - anyone else thinking of going?

An invitation to a ritual of commitment to Australia’s Indigenous peoples

Sunday 13 August 2006, 11am-1pm
Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Hall

AntaR Victoria, Reconciliation Victoria and VCOSS invite you to participate alongside community organisations in taking a public stand for Indigenous rights and reconciliation. The White Blindfold ritual event is timed on the first Sunday after the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, as a way of drawing attention to the need for the non-Indigenous community to acknowledge its role in the ongoing marginalisation and impoverishment of Australia’s Indigenous Peoples.

You can take part in the event by being a witness to the ritual and/or wearing a white blindfold.

Register with ANTaR if you would like to participate ph 9419 3613 or email antar@antarvictoria.org.au.

Posted by drjon on 2006.06.16 at 09:46
I'm not sure if it's fully relevent here, but there's a rally protesting the recent Liberal attack on civil rights this afternoon in Melbourne at 5:30. Details here.

red fairy

Peace picnic 2006

Posted by mordwen on 2006.06.15 at 21:57
Hello folks,

I have no idea who's still reading this but I thought I'd let you all know I publicly mentioned this group at a diversity seminar this evening and mooted the second weekend in December as the date for the next picnic.

I think we should start networking heavily to get this off the ground in at least Sydney and Melbourne with an aim to make it national. I'll try to put together some text to go in a 'call for action' that can be reposted and sent around and I'll also sort out some hosting for our site again, since we still have that web address for a while and I still have all the old material.

My life is pretty insanely full right now but perhaps a face-to-face meeting in Melbourne in a few weeks' time?

Hope you're all well,

Peace and love,


red fairy

Stolenwealth games

Posted by mordwen on 2006.03.15 at 20:04
Got some spare time? I spent some of today down at Camp Sovereignty in King's Domain Park.

If you're in town and looking for a tea or a hot chocolate, pop down to the camp and help yourself for a donation. They'll be doing dinner there every night and there's live music too.

Right now they need tents to house mob who are coming down from the top end and weren't expecting the cold. Have you got a spare? Take it down there.

They also need volunteers and people to get involved in general. Check it out.

red fairy

Harmony Day

Posted by mordwen on 2006.03.11 at 15:35
I meant to mention this a month ago so we'd have time to organise something but I lost track of time.

March 21 is harmony day and I thought we might organise something but now we've run out of time.

I thought you guys might all like to take a look anyway and see if there are things there you'd like to participate in. It's a government initiative but it's still worthwhile, I think.

Perhaps we can still have a picnic of some sort on a quiet note? I'm planning to go to the Black Harmony gathering at Fairfield Amphitheatre and maybe we can talk to people about ideas, give them leaflets/flyers for the Unity in Diversity project in general and get people involved with the idea and plan an enormous picnic for six months' time when it gets warmer again?

Just some thoughts...

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